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NCH: Chapter Nine: Found

So this is a two paged in word, so its pretty long right.

So you know the drill: Comment, Sub,hate mail.

Any way I would really like another banner please someone?!?!?

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NCH: Chapter Eight: Run Away Love

Okay so this is a pretty long chapter mostly a filler, but dont worry next one has some goos stuff in it, and this title may give it away maybe not!?!?!

Okay so Title credit goes To Ludacris & Mary J Blagie.

So you know what to do:

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NCH: Chapter seven: Action & Re-action

Okay so umm you know the drill:

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I know its short and you hate me for it.

I know its shitty and you hate me even more :(

Okay so now I have possibably given a hint to who the letters are from.

Oh and what do you think the plan is?

Okay so you know the drill

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Its short and shitty deal with. Comments, Hate mail any kind of feed back really.

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This one is again short its pretty much a filler and it goes out to Hanna Hates Montana, for the banner she made.

Growing Up Shouldn't Come So FastCollapse )
Its rather short deal with it, three will be up soon.

Learing of Problems How it All StartedCollapse )

Never Coming Home: Chapter one: Meet Kat

Just like it says you will learn about Kat, also chp 2 should me up in a few days

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Never Coming Home.

Kat is a sixteen year old girl who lives in Saint Ann's Orphanage, she has been there since she was ten. she is hunted by dreams of her past, everyday she gets a little closer to finding out the truth.

Foster home after foster home, thats how it was for Kat, from the time she first got there, all the way up un-till she was thriteen. Its not that she was a bad child or anything like that she really wasn't, she just has some problems she needed to work out, and no one wanted to really take the time to work them out with her, as she got older, the problem got worse.

Her dreams have become aratic and she only has one friend who she actually trust, her name is Lisa. But will Lisa be able to save Kat, or will the secrets her dreams are trying to reaveal her, be to much for her to handle?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the bands that will be mention in this story, I do how ever own the plot, and everyone but the bands, I do not own the Title of this story that belongs to My Chemical Romance's song Ghost Of You.